Horse Morph

— AR Filter

01. Intro
A club culture meme inspires the development of a genre-defining AR filter with over 3 billion impressions and an entirely new offering for Pomp&Clout clients.
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02. Approach
We could have just made a horse filter, but what made it novel was including the transition from human to horse. The texture of the user’s face goes along for the ride – allowing the recognizability of the user in horse form.
03. Result
Horse Morph bolted out of the gate, thanks in part to social media influencers who were quick to share their equine transformations. The filter has had multiple lives, and propelled obscure memes in countries across the world. Currently, it’s big in India.
Horse Morph has clocked 3.3B impressions and counting.
It got so popular on Instagram that Snapchat even copped it for their Super Bowl commercial.
One of the biggest takeaways from the success of Horse Morph is the curiosity component. The goal is to spark the thought:
I wonder what I would look like as a
In the time since, we’ve developed filters for a number of clients. It turns out brands are very interested in using your face as ad space.

Horse Morph

Lead Development
Pete Puskas
Ryen Bartlett
Creative Director
Aaron Vinton